Covid19  Safe Working Practice Policy 

To keep our staff and our clients safe, we are introducing the following changes when we reopen:  

  • Single Cleaners only, no teams of  2

  • No cleaning equipment will be supplied

  • Please maintain minimum 2m Social Distancing

  • Disposable gloves and reusable face masks issued to staff

  • Please ventilate rooms when staff are present

  • Staff may hold keys


Full details of these changes and reason for these changes below.

As a direct result of Covid19 we are implementing the following changes to procedures in order to help stop the spread of the virus and to keep our employees and clients safe.

In conjunction with our Covid19 risk assessment, we have identified the following risks and new working practises to mitigate these risks.

Our staff will no longer be working in teams of two. They will be solo only. This will help prevent the potential spread of the virus and cross contamination risks by over 85%, please see charts below to see how this simple change will have a massive impact.

The staff currently car share and work with different staff members throughout the week so this is the main pressure point we have identified as high risk for any potential spread.


We will no longer be bringing company cleaning equipment to regular clients. Again, the risks of using the same equipment in multiple households and passing the equipment between staff members may create additional cross contamination risks.


Due to social distancing measure, we ask that if you are at home during your scheduled clean times can you maintain at least a 2 metre distance with our staff including moving to another room to allow our staff access to clean safely. We also ask that all internal doors are left open and windows and exterior doors are open where possible for ventilation. 


Our staff will be issued with  disposable gloves and non-medical grade reusable facemasks. It is not mandatory for our staff to wear these but we recommend this as good practice.


Presently, our staff come to the office and collect keys, clock in and pick up equipment. Most mornings there would be up to 12 staff members in at the same time. We will now operate remotely and the staff will not be required to visit the office daily.  This means that the cleaners may hold keys from one clean to the next. I do not anticipate any issues or security risks with this although we are able to discuss alternative key arrangements with clients should this not suit.  



In addition to the above, in order to cut costs and have the best chance of the company surviving during these uncertain times we are taking some cost cutting measure. These include:

  • No longer offering Direct Debit as a payment method (standing order or bank transfer only)

  • Downsizing business premises

  • Streamlining services: Holiday let services, linen hire and ironing services are now terminated

I intend to review these measures at the end of January 2021. 

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