Bathroom Refresh Service

Bathrooms and ensuites are an area where most householders feel they just don't get round to cleaning properly. 

In response to this, we are trial launching a stand alone bathroom cleaning service. 

The bathroom refresh covers the following: 

  • Sink cleaned 

  • Bath cleaned

  • Shower cubicle/tray thoroughly cleaned

  • All glass cleaned

  • Toilet cleaned (including base and behind)

  • Bins emptied and lined

  • Any pictures and ledges dusted

  • Floor is vacuumed then handwashed

  • Any counter tops/ vanity units cleaned

  • Chrome is buffed

  • Corners and ceilings cobwebbed

  • Light switch / shaving sockets cleaned

  • Skirtings cleaned

  • Tiles in shower enclosure/ tiles above bath cleaned

Terms & Conditions of this Service

The bathroom refresh service is suitable for standard residential properties only. End of tenancy, after builder cleans and vacant properties are excluded. 

Separate W/C can be added to a bathroom clean for an additional £5 each 

Prices are fixed for the job and the timescale of each job will vary. 

In tiled bathrooms, only the tiles that surround the bath or inside shower cubicles are included. Other tiled walls can be included at additional cost. 


One Bathroom*     £22.50

Two Bathrooms     £40.00

Three Bathrooms   £60.00

Additional W/C        £5.00 (each)

More than 3? Ask for a quote

* 'Bathroom' refers to standard family bathroom or ensuite